Rice ExtractRice Extract Deep Cleansing Shampoo

NT. 580


Rice Extract Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Deep cleanse. Removes oil and excess buildup.
350 ml

Tea Tree Extract controls over excess oils. Rice Bran Extract enhances the scalp health. Provides refreshing feel and fullness.

Plant-derived cleansing formulation. Rice Bran Extract and rich natural oil soothe the scalp as cleansing. Natural Rosemary & Mint Essential Oil and Tea Tree Extract balance the scalp sebum production. Vitamin B3 helps maintain healthy hair growth without split ends. This shampoo provides deep cleansing properties, suppress scalp from secreting oil. Non-irritating, alcohol free, artificial fragrance free, animal ingredients free. Leaving your scalp fresh and breathable.

Rice Bran Extract

Rice bran contains vitamins A, B, amino acid and protein for healthy hair. It provides excellent hydrating function and prevents dryness as well as ultraviolet light damaging. The hair is shiny and bouncy.

Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

It is rich in amino acids beneficial to hair and scalp. It offers hydrating and repairing function to hair, enhancing its flexibility and tensile strength.

Tea Tree Extract

Tea tree extract has cleansing, calming and purifying properties. It is also an antioxidant removes oil and excess buildup and rejuvenates the scalp.

Organic Olive Oil

Olive oil contains essential fatty acid hair needs. It also has anti-aging benefits by restoring damaged hair and preventing ultraviolet light from causing splitting, breaking and dryness because of its Vitamin E content.

Castor Oil

It is a source of Omega 6 fatty acid, Vitamin E, protein and multiple nutrients; it retains moisture and builds up the natural barrier for the hair and the scalp. The hair is soft and smooth after use.

Rosemary & Peppermint Essential Oi

Besides its unique refreshing aroma, it removes scalp odor and boosts the scalp circulation. Its excellent oil control function can diminish itchy feeling and dandruff, leaving the scalp fresh and breathable.

Soak your hair.
Pour right amount of shampoo on the hand and lather up.
Wash your hair and scalp.

No heavy metal

No Parabens preservatives

No Dimethicone

No formaldehyde

Fragrance free

No alcohol

No nonyl phenol

No animal testing