Rice ExtractRice Extract Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

NT. 580


Rice Extract Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

Antioxidant-rich plant formula.
Soothes scalp and hair.
350 ml

Amino Acid based surfactants and Rice Bran Extract deliver mild cleaning and hydrating. Provides fullness and plush softness with natural, fluid movement.

Rice Bran Extract is enriched with multiple vitamins and protein. Combining with the natural derived Amino Acid based surfactants, this product is mild and non-irritating to every types of skin, and nourishes the hair. Special adding Nettle Root Extract to balance sebum production. Melissa Essential Oil with a hint of lemon scent. Alcohol free, fragrance free, animal ingredients free. Leaving your scalp fresh and breathable.

Rice Bran Extract

Rice bran contains vitamins A, B, amino acid and protein for healthy hair. It provides excellent hydrating function and prevents dryness as well as ultraviolet light damaging. The hair is shiny and bouncy.

Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

It is rich in amino acids beneficial to hair and scalp. It offers hydrating and repairing function to hair, enhancing its flexibility and tensile strength.

Irakusa Ne Ekisu Extract

It is rich in vitamin A, flavonoids and a variety of minerals, it helps to stimulate the hair follicles and maintain the scalp health. It provides firm, strengthen, and sebum production balance functions to improve hair health.

Camellia Oil

It is a good source of the fatty acid, protein, Vitamin A and E, providing excellent antioxidant function to maintain healthy hair. It adds natural shine and bounce to the hair by increasing the ability of the hair and the scalp to bind moisture.

Wheat Germ Oil

It contains rich Vitamin E, B1, protein and lecithin, its emollient properties replenish hair and hair follicle, preventing splitting, breaking, frizziness and dryness. It adds softness and moisture to the hair.

Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil

A hint of lemon scent, it reduces tense feelings, promotes relaxation, and calms feelings of nervousness. It is commonly used to soothe sensitivity; it also offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions.

Soak your hair.
Pour right amount of shampoo on the hand and lather up.
Wash your hair and scalp.

No heavy metal

No Parabens preservatives

No Dimethicone

No formaldehyde

Fragrance free

No alcohol

No nonyl phenol

No animal testing